Pickleball Training You Can Do By Yourself

One of the best ways to improve your game is to play and practice with friends. But sometimes, it’s not always possible to play with a partner. Never fear. Pickleball University has you covered with some simple drills you can practice on a court and a couple you can do at home.   

Drill #1: The Dink Drill 

This drill is designed to work on both your agility and your dinking skills. Next time you’re at the court by yourself and want to put your speed and skills to the test, try the dink drill. It’s simple. Stand close to one end of the net and hit the ball up in the air and over the net with a little loft. Run around the edge of the net and hit the ball back over as best you can. See how many times you can run from one side to the other and keep the dink volley going. It’s a sure fire way to test your speed, your endurance and your dinking.  

To try this at home, set up a couple of chairs on a driveway to act as the net, and do the same drill as above. 


Drill #2: Spot Volleys 

Here’s a simple drill you can do just about anywhere. All you need is a paddle, a ball, a piece of tape and a wall. First, put a piece of tape on the wall about three to four feet high. Next, stand about 7 feet away from the wall – that’s the approximate length to the kitchen line. Now, you’re ready to test your accuracy and volleying ability by hitting the ball at the piece of tape over and over. Try and get the ball as close to the piece of tape as you can with each volley. Do the drill by practicing with your forehand and then by practicing with your backhand. The more you do this drill, the more and more accurate your volleys will become

Drill #3: Agility Practice 

This drill is designed to work on your agility while remaining in a controlled position where you’re ready to hit the ball. The best thing about this drill? You can do it just about anywhere. All you need is roughly a ten by ten area to utilize. First, stand with your legs a little more than shoulder width apart and your hands out in front of your body. Now, move laterally back and forth as fast as you can. The key is to keep your hands up and in front of you as if you’re prepared to hit the ball.  


Doing these simple drills a few times a week will start to yield results almost immediately. For more exercises and training tips, click here  

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