The Around the Post Shot (The ATP)

 If you ever find yourself in a dink rally, there’s a good chance you’ll have an opportunity to hit an Around the Post shot. You might be thinking, is a shot like this legal? The answer is a resounding, “YES!” Similar to tennis, a shot played around the post and net that lands in bounds is not just legal, it’s deadly.  


How do you hit an Around the Post shot?

First things first. The key to executing this difficult shot is recognizing the opportunity for it. And if you know the rules, and are ready for the chance, it’s likely you’ll have the opportunity to try this shot in many of the matches you’ll play.  

If you find yourself in a dink rally, more often than not, the angle of the dink shots can get more and more protracted to the point that you’ll have a chance to try and execute a shot around the post.  

When these opportunities present themselves, your paddle will likely be extended away from your body with a swing that will naturally apply side spin and top spin to guide the ball back in the direction of the court. These spin varieties will also add to the difficulty of trying to return it. 

The other key thing to remember is that the ball does not need to travel over the net to be a legal shot. So, the lower you keep your return, more difficult it will be for your opponent to put it back in play on your side.  

Remember: Keep it low. Keep it fast. And keep it in bounds. 

Given that this shot is so different from every other pickleball shot you’ll ever play, it’s a good idea to practice it to ensure you’re ready should the opportunity arise. We recommend standing about a foot outside the sideline and trying to hit balls around the post into the other court to get used to this tricky shot. 

Good luck out there fellow picklers! 

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